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A RELEASE FORM will be filled out by all quests on the Double "G" Ranch. Hunter’s will commit to the animal(s) they wish to harvest prior to the hunt.

***A Daily Fee of $100.00 per hunter / per day will be charged to each hunter. If the hunter harvests a game animal(s), the daily fee will be created toward the price of the game animal(s) harvested. If the hunter does not harvest a game animal, the $100.00 per day fee will be paid by the hunter.***


$150.00 per person per day per guide


$50.00 per night per person

***Minimum booking is a two (2) day hunt per trip (Lodging & daily fees).***

Lodging and Meals will be finalized at the time of booking hunt dates.

A Non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is paid when booking date is final.


Cash or Check, "NO" Credit Cards

Taxidermist services are available if the client wishes the Double "G" Ranch to provide this service.

Varmints on the ranch may be harvested at no charge (Bobcat & Fox).

Feral Hogs may be harvested and charged at a predetermined rate.

Hunters will need Ice-chest, ice and knives for the game animals unless prior arrangements have been finalized. Hunter’s will skin and quarter their own game animal unless their arrangements have been made. Trophy Class (caped for mounting) will be taken care of by ranch personnel. All other animals are the hunter’s responsibility or pay to have ranch personnel skin and quarter the game animal.

Hunt dates will be scheduled at the time of booking. Hunt dates are normally on weekends. Arrangements can be made for Trophy Animal hunts during the weekdays.

Guest will not tour the ranch without the presence of their guide. Valid Texas Resident or Non-resident hunting license will be required. No alcoholic beverages in the field while hunting with a weapon of any kind.


We have a very nice lodge that may be used by the hunters. The lodging is priced per person per day/night to stay in the camp house facilities. Children under 10 years old are not charged for the lodging.

The lodge is priced by two methods: FIRST, I provide meals & lodging and the price is (TBD) per person per day. SECOND, I provide on the lodging and the use of the facilities and priced (TBD) per person per day and the general cleanup will be the responsibility of the guest. Alcoholic beverages, is the responsibility of the client. This is a NO PET – NO SMOKING facility, please respect our request in this matter.

We have completed the swimming pool for guest on hunting trips or staying at the lodge, bring your swim trunks and towels. This is an outside shower and restroom for changing swimming trunks and clothes. If children are to swim they must be accompanied by an adult, safety is first.

The lodge and swimming pool area is very neat and clean, please do not litter with paper, plastic bottles, paper cups, cigarette butts, coke, or beer cans, etc. There are trash cans to dispose of these items on the premises.


The Double “G” Ranch is located at 3585 Nursery Road, Nursery, TX 77976

That is approximately 9.3 miles out of Victoria, Texas on US 87 North toward Cuero, TX. Nursery, TX has a Shell Station and convenience store named Cimarron Crossing and one yellow blinking light. Turn right at blinking yellow light. Go over the railroad tracks and turn left on a paved roadway called Nursery Road and travel approximately 4.0 miles and look for a 9 foot deer proof fence on the right. The entrance is made of rock. For an online map and driving direction Click Here.


Personal clothing and etc.

Guns - Shells - Binoculars

Personal Hygiene

Camera - Film

Towels / Washcloth

Hunting boots

Texas Hunting License

Ice Chest - Ice - Skinning knife

Flashlight - Batteries

If you have any questions, or if you are ready to move forward in booking your hunting trip contact Rory McKinney at (361) 220-0191.

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